Artist Heidi Ødegaard b. 1967 - Independent artist from Oslo - Norway.

In the early years, influenced by my artist grandfather, educated as an artist in Germany and also my mother who went to Granum College of Art in Oslo, I was inspired to become an artist myself. 

Started to paint oil on canvas in 1999 after a study tour in the classic Europe, self-study.

Started at Oslo art school,  2010 -2013 by artist Marianne Blankenberg from Kragero, where I learned different style with oil on canvas.

Moved on to Ekely art school in Oslo, 2013-2020 and continued with Marianne Blankenberg, and also Fritjof Hoel.  

I interpret and inspired by romantic, abstract, impressionistic paintings and still life.

I like to express kindness,  love and joy for those who experience seeing my paintings.

My exhibition "Captured by the moment" is under production and deals with different moments of the 40s, which I am inspired and influenced by. 

Invited to Venezia 2019 – The body language exhibition.

Selected as 1 of 2 artists described in an exam project "Landart" at Oslo Met. University 2019. My painting "Mood" -19 was used.

I have previously had some solo exhibitions and also collective exhibitions, Cafe Skåtøy in Kragerø, Gallery Albin Art, Gallery Smia, Gallery Englagard, Lions Lorenskog, Bygdoy and the spring exhibition at Nittedal.

Ongoing Exhibition at Lillestrøm Gallery 2019, an artist driven gallery.